IHOPEE.ORG is a NGO that operates a medical mission with the aim of improving  Maternal Child Health MCH Locally and internationally besides mentoring youth to be the leaders and ambassadors.


The organization (IHOPEE) organizes and sends a mission team to Kenya – also participate  Locally and internationally  each year where they create more health  Educational  awareness , Create safe haven for Domestic violence and sustainability, to help in driving projects running within the communities.

IHOPEE.ORG desires to offer Safe Homes for abused girls and women especially Domestic violence victims and their children, give psychosocial support, vocational training and integration to their communities.


Additionally, IHOPEE offers scholarships at different levels of study, national and international volunteer programs that nurture  ambassadors in their areas of expertise.


Short term goals

  • Education and training
  • Healthcare
  • Vitals signs
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Domestic violence
  • Leadership classes and financial literacy
  • Conference women /youth

Long Term Goals

  • Building clinics -maternal/clinics
  • Continue education maternal health /child
  • Domestic violence

Our Vision

To provide a positive impact by organizing community outreach resources

and supporting programs that help educate,

inspire and empower members of our community.


Our Mission

To empower Youth and Women in mental and physical health,
education and development issues by improving maternal/child health
and offering safe homes for the abused in Kenya.

“We are the Salt of the world,
and have potential to make a positive impact in our communities.”

1: Equip a library / scholarships
2: Medical mission  mental and physical health awareness: focus maternal child health.

3.Safe homes for the abused girls and women

Achievements 2014-2018

-Books drive
-Uniform for students
-Widows micro-finance
-Mentor-ship in progress
-2000 pt impacted in 2018

Our Values

We strive to provide an impact that serve beyond through Charity,
Compassion and Community outreach to promote wellness.