IHOPEE (International Health Operations Patients Education and empowerment ) a non-profit organization established to empower youth, women and children in in rural parts of East Africa. Our main goal is to reach individuals and empower them to take charge of their Health, Education, leadership and mentoring,Talents and Develop Sustainable Economic Projects that are focused on eradicating chronic malnutrition, hunger and has a life Skills that include sports .


Our programs include partnerships, sending out ambassadors to raise social awareness at local and global levels. We accept donations as well as hold fundraising events in order to provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from chronic malnutrition in a diverse demographic, water and sanitation needs. Medical health Mission camps to create awareness and relief to the vulnerable communities .


To maximize our impact on current efforts, we seek to collaborate with friends, well wishers as well as corporate organizations as we strive towards achieving the ultimate goal of transforming lives in developing nations.


Our Vision

To empower Youth and Women.

To achieve excellence in life through Ihopee, Inc.

We are the Salt of the world,
and have potential to make a positive impact in our communities.


Our Mission

To provide a positive impact by organizing
community outreach resources and supporting programs
that help educate, inspire and empower members of our community.

Our Values

We will provide an impact that serve beyond through Charity, Compassion and Community.