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IHOPEE (International Health Operations Patients Education and Empowerment) is an NGO that seeks to help women, children, the youth and be able to provide educational scholarships. We seek to achieve the following through your donations:

Equip a Library or Scholarships

Your donations help us ship books to Kenya and help create a conducive environment for children and improve their literacy skills.
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Medical Mission: Maternal & Child Healthcare

Are you interested in transforming maternal and child healthcare? Contact us to make a positive change.
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Promote Women Development Programs

Be inspired! Take a look at the impact of our programmes which we've
achievedthrough your support and donations
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“We are the Salt of the world, and have potential to make a positive impact in our communities.”


IHOPEE is an International NGO that conducts medical missions offering humanitarian, and psychosocial support with the aim of improving maternal child health ( MCH) in Kenya. We also engage in mentoring and psycho-educating youth to be aware of their vulnerability to risky behaviors, with the aim of encouraging them to become the future leaders and ambassadors.

IHOPEE organizes and sends a mission team to Kenya each year that  team up with Kenyan counterparts to create both physical, mental health awareness and educational empowerment.

IHOPEE desires to offer Safe Homes for abused girls and women especially Domestic violence victims and their children, give psychosocial support, vocational training and integration to their communities.

Additionally, IHOPEE offers scholarships at different levels of study, national and international volunteer programs that nurture ambassadors in their areas of expertise.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

♠ Mission:

To provide a positive impact by organizing community outreach resources and supporting programs that help educate, inspire and empower members of our community.


♦ Vision

To empower the youth and women in health education and development issues, especially in improving maternal/child health in Kenya.


♥ Values

We strive to provide an impact that serves beyond just through charity, compassion and community, and promote sanity.



Achievements 2014 – 2018

– Books drive
– Uniform for students
– Widows micro-finance
– Mentor-ship in progress
– 2000 people impacted in 2018







Raised Funds


Children’s Care



Mission Trips

In 2018 donations from our supporters transformed the lives of more than 12,000 Kenyans

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