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Our programs include sending out ambassadors to raise social awareness about the cause on a local and global level, and to hold fund-raising events in order to provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from chronic malnutrition and hunger. Regardless of their Race, Ethnicity, or Religion.

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IHOPEE, Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers in all fields. Our needs and services are diverse. Kindly help us get friends to support and contact us via the contact page and we will match you to one of our numerous needs. We Create Autism & Physically challenged awareness. Early Childhood for Teachers resources(ECD).

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Donate a Book

We are accepting donations of both new and used children’s books. The books will be distributed to children in Kenya. Be a champion in your community, church, or school by volunteering to collect books to help us reach a million books for a million kids.

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Healty Lifestyle & Education

In Africa, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of education exclusion. Over one-fifth of children between the ages of about 6 and 11 are out of school, followed by one-third of youth between the ages of about 12 and 14.

Healty Lifestyle & Living

The important role of smallholder subsistence farmer in Kenya, of which the majority are women. Farmers move away from poverty and live better lives. This is a majority of household across the country.

Healthy Lifestyle & Water

Clean drinking water saves lives. Support clean water access today! Sustainable technology. Poverty in Africa is often caused by a lack of access to clean, safe water and proper sanitation.

Medical Mission to Kenya [November, 7th 2018 - November, 18th 2018]

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