IHOPEE Medical Mission To Kenya in March 2019


IHOPEE – Chicago chapter is organizing a 4-day medical mission to Western Kenya in the month of March 2019.

Healthy Nyanza feels that it is prudent to prioritize the ailing people of Nyanza and to put a very stable focus on their HEALTHCARE NEEDS above every other personal gains that may come as a result of volunteering work. 
It is therefore worth noting that the goals and wishes of HEALTHY NYANZA MEDICAL CAMP 2019 and other subsequent camps will always be conducted in honor of the following heroes: 
  1. My late dad Mzee Mrefu Ochong’ Nyanungo. -Died of Heart attack and Atrial fibrillation. Gem Rae. Nyakach – Gem Rae. Rae Health Clinic 3/8/2019. At 10am – 2pm.Kisumu County.
  2. The late Brother Bob Haffman of Glemary Missionary , Ohio state USA.- Died of Stroke Uyoma, Ndigwa Catholic Church. 3/10/19. 10- 2pm. Siaya County.
  3. Dr. James Okeyo Ajuoga. Former Lecturer Egerton University- Rusinga Camp. Mbita county.
  4. The late John Mugala . Died of Heart attack and Hypertensive Crisis. Ivona Church- 3/11/19.10am-2pm. Vihiga County
For the very evident and undeniable evidence of their patriotism for the People of Nyanza in their time! They had undying SELFLESSNESS, astounding GENEROSITY, PASSION for serving others. They had an avalanche of wisdom and gratitude , determination and Hard work and most importantly great and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for their families, relatives, community and their country. They undoubtedly had no grudges against anyone. They were GOD-fearing and dedicated most of their lives to the community and programs that would improve the lives of people. It is to this reason that I Roseline Okendo courtesy of IHOPEE International stands up to measure up to the task of ensuring the admirable values and virtues of the aforementioned persons do not die but they may be revived,reinforced and inculcated into the current generation of our time and in our own homelands and community to ensure that we have a HEALTHY PEOPLE with positive minds and selflessness. This will ensure that everyone will mind about their neighbor’s affairs and conduct a thorough assessment amongst themselves in order to identify those living with Diseases, infirmities or Disabilities so as to assist them to access the necessary healthcare services for their own recovery from ill health experiences and lifestyle.
For very obvious reasons, it’s worthwhile to be aware of the meaning of HEALTHY NYANZA MEDICAL CAMP which is primarily geared towards the HEALTH of the people of Nyanza . HEALTH by definition is a state of COMPLETE physical, mental and social Well being of an individual and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
VISION: Healthy Nyanza 2019
The primary objective of this medical mission is a general routine screening and creating awareness of the signs and symptoms of heart attack, stroke and diabetes in an adult population.
Therefore, as the pioneer and leader of this initiative, I urge all the volunteers especially the Healthcare providers and experts of diverse health care specialties alongside other experts and professionals of any field who have the best interests of the people Nyanza at heart, to turn out in their largest number on this material day to make it a success. In regard to this, any Volunteer or interested parties who may deem it prudent to support this March 2019 Medical Camp and other subsequent camps, you are free to do so both financially and Spiritually through prayers.

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