Ihopee Programs


The annual membership fees is $45 and if you are a student $15. leadership impact businesses; Will have causes, , Business opportunities, and Loans


IHOPEE aim is to provide scholarships and empowering resources to Kenyan students from poor, underprivileged and single parent families. Our goal is to help them achieve highest possible education opportunities.


The “Ihopee” will be encouraged to come up with thought provoking solutions to various problems and overcome poverty and other issues that may be obstacles in their lives.


During this program we are able to help the students overcome internal trauma, and develop a positive self-image despite their current circumstances.

Servant Leadership

If you have a startup or thinking of starting something, it is important that you have the right guidance in ensuring you have all the tools necessary to be successful

Annual Trip

We encourage our volunteers, donors and those who want to experience a mixture of a mission trip with a wonderful vacation to join us. We have years of experience in coordinating trips to Kenya.

Rose Okwany- Ihopee CEO

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All donations are from Past – Present

Diamond Level

Donations of $5000 and above
  • Shriners hospital in kind (equipment)
  • Dr Hernandez ( in kind equipment & Supplies )
  • Go givers
    Dr Bryan Thatcher ( medical supplies )
  • Dr Arthur Aduma
  • Dr Pauline Kibisu
  • Margaret Rayola

Gold Level

Donation $2500 and Above
  • Fishhawk Riverview Rotary club Fl
  • Dr Arthur Aduma
  • Rose Oginga
  • Pauline Kibisu
  • Margaret Rayola
$1000 and Above
  • Meddy Swahili cuisine
  • Go givers
  • Kw Lady leaders
  • Dr Pauline Kibisu
  • Margaret Rayola
  • Dr Bryan Thatcher
  • Dr Arthur Aduma
  • Roseline Okendo
  • Florence Ojowa
  • Optiven limited

Bronze Level

$500 and Above or/ medical mission
  • Christine Ans ( books )
  • Rose Oginga
  • Dr Pauline Kibisu
  • Dr Arthur aduma
  • Dr Bryan Thatcher
  • Veronica Oguna
  • Winnie Odhiambo
  • Grace Otieno
  • Tina Tamoi
  • Alice Oluoch
  • Maureen Ndegwa
  • Florence Ojowa
  • Thatcher Properties
  • Nice guys Coroporation ( website)
  • Kyobi digital ( website)

High School Sponsorship/ supplies

Or $150 and above
  • Jacque Orlang
  • Deborah William
  • Ed Odom
  • Duane William
  • Christine Ans
  • Margaret Rayola
  • Dr Pauline Kibisu
  • Rose Oginga
  • Sophia muma
  • Penine Orao
  • Malha Okwany
  • Damaris Gwaga
  • Betha Obange
  • Faith Odhiambo
  • MARYAnne Goetz
  • Velma Akinyi
  • Rachel Otieno
  • Bishop kanali
  • Georgina Kingori
  • Monicah Otutu
  • Alice Oluoch
  • Ruth Nduma
  • Dr Sheba Okumu
  • Irene Mosi
  • Asinah Macharia
  • Dr Marilyn Oluoch
  • IRIS Tax
  • Best provider
  • Kw realtor suburban Tampa Courtesy Christine
  • First family home health
  • Financial Hikers
  • Designed4success group
  • Mary Otieno
  • Emah Mandegwa
  • Betty Achapa
  • Lydia Wanyanga
  • Betty Nyasondu
  • Lyna Nyamwaya
  • Ann Mwai
  • Penny Macharia
  • Dr Bev Sande
  • Zayn Khaflan
  • Attorney Sonia
  • Beana Yusuf
  • Dr Lee
  • Attorney Bruce

Youth Volunteers

  • Yvette Ibrahim– IHopee affiliate Prestigious mentorship-Director -Youth leadership kisumu
  • Mary Silvia – Youth Member, kisumu
  • Vincent Aluru – Youth leader Nairobi
  • Randy Orlang– girls advocate youth leader Nairobi
  • Sheila Chebet – youth advocate leader Eldoret
  • Steve Ngang – Youth advocate USA