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We empower people with Our Approach

Our programs and services are focused in Kenya. We are a a tax-exempt organization listed on the IRS website as eligible for tax-deductible charitable contributions.

Cancer Education

We run cancer awareness events to educate communities on regular screening and self-checks, and to destigmatize cancer.

Medical Camps

Ihopee is a driver of positive and sustainable change for improving health and wellbeing in populations, communities and individuals. We do this by leveraging our deep experience and developed expertise in public health, healthcare, program management to assist our clients develop and deliver solutions that result in safer and higher-quality lives of global citizens.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Be inspired! Take a look at the impact of our programmes which we’ve achievedthrough your support and donations.

Food Distributions

A crucial step we take to encourage resilience and food security among the people is to help communities organize for collective action and to promote understanding of food security issues. Furthermore, we place an emphasis on supporting small-scale farmers to adopt sustainable and productive farming methods which will strengthen their capacity to withstand climate change and natural disasters.


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