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About Us

IHOPEE is an International NGO that conducts medical missions offering humanitarian, and psychosocial support with the aim of improving maternal child health ( MCH) in Kenya. We also engage in mentoring and psycho-educating youth to be aware of their vulnerability to risky behaviors, with the aim of encouraging them to become the future leaders and ambassadors

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Where Our Journey Began

Rose founded  IHOPEE ( international Health operations patient education empowerment to offer convenient, affordable hygiene wellness, STEM instruction resources, online classes/certification, and consultation/services to assist individuals especially youth and women achieve greater independence so they may lead the lives they choose.”

Our Mission

To provide a positive impact by organizing community outreach resources and supporting programs that help educate, inspire and empower members of our community.

Our Vision

To empower the youth and women in health education and development issues, especially in improving maternal/child health in Kenya.

Our Founder - Dr. Rose Oginga

Meet Rose Oginga, a remarkable individual dedicated to transforming lives and shaping futures. With over 15 years of experience as an educator, mentor, instructor, nurse, coach, inspirational speaker, author, and mindset and transformational coach, Rose has made an indelible impact on countless individuals.

Born and raised in Kenya, Rose currently resides in Tampa, Florida, USA, where she has built alife with her loving family. Her passion lies in working with youth and women, and she haschanneled her commitment through the non-profit organization she founded and presides over,IHOPEE Inc. This organization empowers individuals to thrive academically and economically,providing them with the tools to unlock their full potential.

Through her unwavering belief in education, equipping, and empowerment, Rose inspires andserving on committees and boards. As the Director of Designed4success Group LLC, sheWith a Master of Science in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, Rose combines herempowering others through education, mentorship, coaching, and leadership. With her
Dr. Rose Oginga