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What are forms of Gender-based Violence (GBV)? 

Gender-based violence can include sexual, physical, mental and economic harm inflicted in public or in private. It also includes threats of violence, coercion and manipulation. This can take many forms such as intimate partner violence, sexual violence, child marriage, female genital mutilation and so-called ‘honor crimes’. The consequences of gender-based violence are devastating and can have life-long repercussions for survivors. It can even lead to death. Read More

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Nicholas Odhiambo 35, an orphan, widower and father of three, is a man who understands the pain of raising a child abused by someone he knows. One afternoon while he went about his garbage collection job in Kariobangi area he received a distress call from his wife. He got home only to find his wife socked in tears, neighbors flocked in his house screaming as his daughter lied helpless on a seat in his house bleeding. The news that his 2-year-old daughter had been abused shattered him. The man who stole his daughter’s innocence was caught and roughed up by irate members of the public before police saved him from lynching. He was arrested, presented in court but six months later was surprisingly set free and went back to live in the very place he had committed the heinous act. Nicholas could not understand how and why that happened. As fate would have it, the culprit got arrested during a robbery incident and was stoned to death barely a month after his release from prison. All this while Nicholas had not been able to raise the money required for his daughter’s corrective surgery. Nicholas lives from hand to mouth, collecting garbage in his home area for a living. Calamity struck a few years later when in quick succession his wife and his mother succumbed to tuberculosis and road accident respectively. This left him devastated and he sunk into depression sending him into depression. He had depended on the two to take care of his daughter while he was out fending for them. He now depends on his elder sister Millicent, who shifted to his house two months ago after her house was locked over rent arrears. Seven years after Nicholas’ daughter was abused, she is yet to get necessary treatment. She is unable to walk and currently confined to a wheelchair. Nicholas says that despite the fact that the man who altered his daughter’s life is dead, he finds it hard to let go and forgive him. All he yearns for is to see his daughter walk someday and watch her run to him for a warm hug.